Pedro Physiospain

Pedro Lönnblad


Bachelor’s degree in Physical therapy from the Karolinska Institute in 2000. Worked mostly with neurological and rheumatologic patients, but also with orthopedic and sports injuries. He also has large experience within training and fitness. Pedro speaks Swedish, Spanish, and English.

Rolf Martinsen Physiospain

Rolf Martinsen


He has a degree as a physiotherapist from German board 1972. Swedish and Norwegian title the same year, Spanish title 1989. Many years of experience with sport injuries. Degree in Manual Therapy, stage 2, Osteopathy, Medical Exercise Therapy.

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When I met Rolf I was suffering from complex regional pain syndrome due to breaking my wrist from a snowboarding accident that occurred in the United States. I went to 3 different doctors and months of physical therapy in the states and no one could help me. When I met Rolf over the summer I had no wrist moment and discoloration after a few sessions the color was normal and my movement improved. I am beyond grateful to Rolf helping me be pain free and mobile again.

Returned to Sweden, I would like to say a big thank you to you for treatments with shockwaves of my shoulder. After three treatments, I feel myself completely symptom free!

What luck that I last week decided to contact you! Wonderful to not feel pain!

Today, exactly one week later, and home in England, I have played 18 holes of golf totally pain free. Had anyone told me last week that I would be able to do so I would not have believed them, but thanks to you I am now pain free and fully mobile again. My grateful thanks to you. J.O.

I came to Rolf after having a motorbike accident and required a report written. This was required to help evaluate my accident insurance claim against the car driver who pulled out of a junction in front of me. I went over her car and my 200Kg motorbike had landed on my left leg. The clinic was friendly and professional. I was plesantly surprised when the report landed in my email within 24 hours. Thanks, Physiospain

Having suffered with an annoying long term knee problem which prevented me from even running around the garden in back in January, I felt after writing about it, I had to give it a go.

After a thorough assessment, including an ultrasound scan of my knee, the treatment was administered in the target area at varying dephts and intensity to stimulate regrowth of damaged cells, my cartilage was intact and in good condition despite years of football. The effects during the tratment were slightly uncomfortable but Rolf assured me that my own pain receptors would soon kick in and it would ease. He was right. Rolf gave me some rehabilitation exercises to help further improve the condition at home, a sticker on my watch was to help me remember . Oh nearly forgot, I am playing football again at 48, thanks Rolf.

Thank you for the pleasant and effective treatment, with a fine long-term effect! I go much better with thinner legs due to better circulation – and less edema. You may want to warn patients that the “heavy artillery” will temporary make leg muscles “stiffer” (with some walking problems), but that it disappears after the end of the therapy! Hope you all are doing well – like us. Ingerid gives her regards! “Hasta Octubre”, Peter


In the following I will summarise my treatment experience at your clinic.

At present I am 72 years old. 20 years ago I suffered a massive venous blood cloth situation in the right leg following a hip operation.

6 years ago I visited a Norwegian physiotherapist, Rolf Martinsen, who uses shock therapy treatment in order to increase muscular blood throughput.

Until then I had undergone traditional lymphedema treatment at a first class institute in all the preceding years after my operation. The circulatory problems I suffered in my right leg were quite severe with deep dark brown “rust” spots and areas on the leg, around the ankle and on 4 of my toes.

Mr. Martinsen laid out a treatment plan, stating that he believed it was possible to achieve positive results with regard to circulatory and muscular strength issues. He also approached the situation in a most sincere way, stating that if there were no indications of positives after 5 sessions, he would advice ending treatment. The shock wave treatment would stimulate the recreation of blood capillaries in the treated areas (serious athletes undergo special training sessions in order to achieve the same in order to augment the uptake of oxygen and nourishment at cellular level).

• Discoloring on my skin decreased in intensity.
• Lactic levels decreased noticeably.
• Muscular strength and endurance in the faulted leg improved.
• I underwent approximately 25 treatments.
• Today I still feel a positive development taking place, getting stronger.

Please feel free to use this declaration as an example of results received.

Kind regards,

Bjørn Larsen

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