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Unique treatments

Many golfers and athletes have injuries that can be cured with shock and pressure waves.
From 1960 shock waves have been used to crush Scale formation in body tissues. Since 1980, they have been used to treat kidney stones with great success. New clinical research has shown that many golf injuries can be removed completely or partly with shock waves. They can reach down to a depth of 8.5 cm and affect blood vessels by increasing blood flow. They increase metabolism and can dissolve Scale formation within the tissue, including muscles, mucus sacs and joints. It also stops inflammation in the joints and joint capsules.
The pressure waves going down to a depth of 3.5 cm and distribute the liquid in the treated tissue. Waves provide effective massage of muscle cells and increases blood flow, while the waste materials are discharged.
The above treatments carried out after a thorough examination of the injuries. The treatment itself is perceived in different ways, but there is normally no side effects.
Rolf Martinsen is an expert in the treatment of shock – and shockwaves and has healed many golfers with typical golf injuries to joints, muscles, golf arms, heel spurs, and the like.