The feet are often the cause of injuries
A large number of injuries are connected to the way you subject your feet to load. Research and experience has shown that many of these injuries can be treated with exercises combined with insoles. Insoles can correct distortions in your body that are due to an incorrect position of the foot.

Facts about feet
Your feet – a brilliant construction.
Every time you go for a run or play football, you use your feet without giving them any thought. You ought to do that in the future. Your feet are the part of your body that is subjected to the greatest load of all, and even though they are a brilliant construction, things can easily go wrong. Your two feet contain 52 bones in all, and these bones only weigh 3-4 grams each. Despite the light construction, healthy feet can easily endure large loads of up to 250 kg when running. However, you must take good care of this technical masterpiece when you exercise. Overload or wrong shoes may translate into injuries higher up in your body.

Back pain can set off in your feet
You put a load on your feet from the first steps you take when you get out of bed in the morning, when you go for a run or take off for the crucial smash – and all the way to bed in the evening. Every day, this means up to 15,000 steps. So needless to say, any wrong position of the foot, even the smallest one, can influence the rest of your body. Therefore it is important to correct possible distortions, so that you strain your body as little as possible.

What is my foot like?
Your feet are unique – but are they good enough?
Low arch or high instep – your feet must put up with it all. If you have a low arch, you will fall too much inwards on your foot (pronation). This will overload your joints, tendons and muscles, and you carry the risk of injuries to you arch tendon, Achilles tendon, shin, knee, hip or back.

However, if you have a high arch, you foot will be rigid, and this will also put a strain on the whole system.

Therefore, it is important that you find out what type of foot you have, and whether you need insoles. If you are an athlete, you should choose dynamic insoles – only dynamic insoles will help you without weakening the musculature.

What can SuperSole do for YOU?
SuperSole carry different types of insoles ideal for active people – from the top athlete to ordinary people training regularly – or just for every-day use. The insoles come with various extents of shock absorption and varying rigidity. The insoles have either a sophisticated micro fiber surface that has the effect that the foot can move freely in the shoe, or another type of surface particularly suited for cutting sports (e.g. badminton, squash or handball), because the foot is held in position by the insole. Furthermore, the insoles are perforated for optimal transportation of sweat. SuperSole insoles are only made and fitted by physiotherapists with special training. This provides you as an athlete with extra security concerning the treatment, as it is conducted by a physiotherapist with a special knowledge about feet, but also a thorough knowledge of sports injuries and the treatment of these.

What is SuperSole
– individually fitted training and insoles.
Many injuries in back, hip, knee and ankles ensue from your feet. It is common knowledge that if the foundation of a house is distorted or full of cracks, you can be certain that the rest of the house will follow. It is the same with the body. The 26 bones of the foot is the foundation of the body. If there are distortions in the foundation, the body will compensate higher up. The SuperSole treatment concept has been developed with this in mind. In order to become a SuperSole therapist, a physiotherapist must complete a special course. This is to assure that you as a patient will receive the best possible care, and that your physiotherapist has received special training in order to be able to fit the insoles and examine your feet for incorrect positions. This is a mark of quality. As the SuperSole physiotherapists can be found all over the country, you will always be able to find treatment, almost wherever you are. We are so sure of our product that you can hand back your insoles if you are not satisfied with them and get your money back.

SuperSole in general.
Your back, knees and feet are strained heavily from work in a standing/walking position. An individually fitted insole and a training program from a physiotherapist may be the solution. Contact us, e.g. via your safety representative, and we will visit you to tell you more about the concept. The design of the footwear is no obstacle. The SuperSole insoles can be fitted in form and shape to fit any shoe.

You do not always end up with insoles.
The concept as such is not only built around the making and fitting of the insoles, but it also includes a precise examination of the anatomical conditions of your feet and legs and a course of action which is a mixture of physio therapeutic treatment and exercises.

Therefore it is important to emphasize that you will have a greater chance of success with the concept, if you are active with your personal exercise program. We do not just make a pair of insoles for the fun of it. So do not be surprised if it all ends up with quite another recommendation than insoles. The fundamental basis is that you will have what is best for you.

If you do end up with a pair of insoles, it is always possible to adjust and re-adjust them if there are changes in the status of your foot. Furthermore, the insoles are dynamic. This means that your joints and muscles can still move, but now with your foot in the right position.

During the course of your SuperSole treatment process, your feet and body will develop in a positive direction. Therefore we recommend that you have your insoles checked regularly in order for you to have the desired effect of the treatment at all times.

If you want to know more about the concept or the various insoles,please contact us at Clinica Physiospain We can also help you to find your nearest SuperSole physiotherapist.