Supersole and children

Little feet
A child’s feet are so fine and perfect because they are not wrapped in shoes – this until they are 10-15 months old. Then they get shoes on. This brochure will inform you about the most important matters concerning your child’s feet.

Children’s feet grow
Children’s feet grow a lot. Especially those of small children grow at an incredible pace. Therefore it is important that you as a parent control your child’s feet often and check, whether the shoes are big enough. We recommend that this is done at least once a month, as children’s feet grow intermittently. A child’s foot can grow up to 20 mm in six months. When the children are 2-3 years old, their feet grow by 15 mm. Subsequently the feet grow about 10 mm a year. For boys, this will continue until they are about 15, and for girls until they are about 13.

The foot
A foot consists of 26 bones. These are very soft, when the child is only a couple of years old. Therefore it is important to take good care of them. It is important to make sure that there is plenty of room for the foot in the child’s sock. It is also important that the sock is made from a type of material in which the foot can breathe and shed sweat in order to avoid athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). Children sweat 2-3 tablespoons of fluid a day from their feet.

The child’s shoes
The shoe must be shaped after a healthy and natural foot. There must be room at the front of the shoe for the toes to lie in direct continuation of the metatarsal bones, i.e. the inner side of the shoe must be straight.

The opening in the back of the shoe must be narrow enough to maintain the foot in the same place and ensure that the foot does not slide forward in the shoe.

The heel of the shoe must be low – this way the weight of the body is distributed appropriately on the foot.

A firm heel cover supports and controls the foot when walking. The sole must be flexible so that the muscles of the foot can function optimally and thus help maintain the curve of the arch. The shoe must have the right length, width and toe height.

Basically shoes should have a 15 mm surplus in length: 3 mm for the curve of the nose, 5 mm for sliding, so that the foot can move around in the shoe and a 7 mm addition to allow for growing feet. The shoe must fit well on the foot with a flexible type of closing in the form of laces, Velcro or wide straps.

Pick the right shoe
A trick for buying shoes for children is to draw a contour of the child’s foot, add a few millimetres and cut out the contour. This must be done in the afternoon when the foot is at its largest. Now you have a model of your child’s foot, which you can place in the shoes and find out, which ones that fit the model best, before you decide which shoes to get for your child.
An ancient Chinese proverb runs: “If your feet ache, then you will forget all other worries”. In return, there will not be much rest, because your feet are shouting angrily: “Why did you not take care of us in time”? – and it is hard to relax with all that shouting.

What can SuperSole do for YOU?
SuperSole are especially good for children’s feet because the unique, dynamic ability of the insoles allows your child’s foot to develop in the right direction, and at the same time, the insole can be adjusted to the development of the foot. SuperSole insoles are only made and fitted by specially trained physiotherapists, which is your and your child’s assurance that the insole is always fitted correctly, and that the build and biomechanics of the whole body is taken into consideration. The insole comes in sizes down to size 22 (US: 6), which makes it possible to begin treatment at an early stage. The insoles can be re-adjusted over and over, so that they always fit the course of treatment and your child’s foot.

What is SuperSole
– individually fitted training and insoles.
Many injuries in back, hip, knee and ankles ensue from your feet. It is common knowledge that if the foundation of a house is distorted or full of cracks, you can be certain that the rest of the house will follow. It is the same with the body. The 26 bones of the foot is the foundation of the body. If there are distortions in the foundation, the body will compensate higher up. The SuperSole treatment concept has been developed with this in mind. In order to become a SuperSole therapist, a physiotherapist must complete a special course. This is to assure that you as a patient will receive the best possible care, and that your physiotherapist has received special training in order to be able to fit the insoles and examine your feet for incorrect positions. This is a mark of quality. As the SuperSole physiotherapists can be found all over the country, you will always be able to find treatment, almost wherever you are. We are so sure of our product that you can hand back your insoles if you are not satisfied with them and get your money back.

SuperSole in general.
Your back, knees and feet are strained heavily from work in a standing/walking position. An individually fitted insole and a training programme from a physiotherapist may be the solution. Contact us, e.g. via your safety representative, and we will visit you to tell you more about the concept. The design of the footwear is no obstacle. The SuperSole insoles can be fitted in form and shape to fit any shoe.

You do not always end up with insoles.
The concept as such is not only built around the making and fitting of the insoles, but it also includes a precise examination of the anatomical conditions of your feet and legs and a course of action which is a mixture of physiotherapeutic treatment and exercises.

Therefore it is important to emphasize that you will have a greater chance of success with the concept, if you are active with your personal exercise programme. We do not just make a pair of insoles for the fun of it. So do not be surprised if it all ends up with quite another recommendation than insoles. The fundamental basis is that you will have what is best for you.

If you do end up with a pair of insoles, it is always possible to adjust and re-adjust them if there are changes in the status of your foot. Furthermore, the insoles are dynamic. This means that your joints and muscles can still move, but now with your foot in the right position.

During the course of your SuperSole treatment process, your feet and body will develop in a positive direction. Therefore we recommend that you have your insoles checked regularly in order for you to have the desired effect of the treatment at all times.

If you want to know more about the concept or the various insoles, please contact us at Clinica PhysiospainWe can also help you to find your nearest SuperSole physiotherapist.