The Supersole concept

Back pain may start at your feet!

Many different patient groups use insoles made by e.g. chiropodists, orthotists, orthopedic shoemakers and physiotherapists. The question is: who makes the best insoles? Or maybe rather: 
what is the difference?

With the SuperSole concept, we have taken side and chosen the physiotherapists. The SuperSole concept is a treatment system for foot related problems, which combines well-known physiotherapy treatment – exercise therapy, mobilization and manipulation – with the possibility of making customised insoles to patients who may benefit from the insoles.

Physiotherapists are well aware that a distortion of the back, hip or knee may be caused by the foundation – the foot – being out of balance. To them, it is elementary that foot problems cannot be treated without examining how a change in the static’s of the foot, e.g. when using an insole, can affect the rest of the body.

In this connection, the 3½-year education of the physiotherapists within the areas of anatomy, biomechanics and examination technique is quite unique. It is unthinkable for a physiotherapist to support a patient foot with an insole without examining if the real reason for the problem is:

– that mobility in a foot joint has been changed and must be    treated.

– that the foot is part of a compensation for an anatomically too long leg.

– poor alignment between the foot and the knee.

It is important to examine and treat all of the above, before producing and handing out an insole. But what is even more important: insoles must never become a passive helping aid but must be seen as part of a treatment. It is essential that the insoles can be adjusted continuously as other forms of treatment such as mobilisation and rehabilitation have an impact on the cause of the problem. The insole should also be adjusted if the patient condition changes due to progression of an illness. Making and adjusting a pair of insoles at the physiotherapists as part of a treatment process ensures constant adjustment of the insoles to the patient needs.