Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor

Right Sequence
A correct cinematic sequence meaning right movement of the pelvis- upper body – arms and club are absolutely a must for the optimal result. Motion and power patterns is very much like a four-stage rocket, were the power of every stage in the sequence is carried over too the following.
If you are in anyway physically hindered resulting in a lack of full motion, strength, balance or coordination, your body will try to compensate with a very unstable result.
Reduced Injury
The risk of inducing pain, overload or injuries is eminent and
guaranteed is that they will come, sooner or later.
Titleist have come to understand this and have therefore developed a process called “Screening”, where the movement of the joints is measured in degrees.
You also do additional testing of muscle strength and balance among other things.

Authorised Titleist Instructor
As an authorised Titlest instructor, I am proficient to do this “screening”, thus being able to tell you with a large degree of accuracy – and this without ever having to se you play one ball – if you have a problem with your ”swing”,
Resulting in a slide, sway, casting, reverse spine angel, hanging back
The “Screening” is best combined with a video recording of your swing, this to easier illustrate what needs to bee corrected. I can facilitate you with the right exercise plan training instructions and if needed treatment.
This to improve your ability to get the right sequence,
guaranteeing improvement to your golf swing and limit the risk of injuries.

Between me, you and your golf-pro who will help you correct your tee-off / swing is an important part for us to achieve the best possible result.

TPI – has the biggest collection of golf specific health and exercise information, based on golf experts and tour players experience and knowledge, some of this info they share with you on the website