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Muscle Imbalance

Muscle Imbalance Your muscles a friend or an enemy? Of course I need my muscles,or even more strength ,is maybe your first thought. But what if the balance between the flexors and the extensor is wrong? The muscle is a contractile tissue that gets stronger and shorter with activity. They get shorter without a adequate […]

Lower cross syndrome

Lower cross syndrome is no injury or illness. It is a common condition that creates an imbalance in the musculosceletal system around the hip, pelvis and lower back. Although the condition is harmless then this imbalance over time creating unnecessary strain on muscles and joints. Over time, as an uneven load could inflict disabilities, decreased […]

Supersole and diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease. There are many diseases resulting from diabetes, e.g. changes in the connective tissue, neuropathy (impaired sense of touch) and reduced circulation. Seen from the foot’s point of view, this is an unfortunate combination. There is a risk that you will not feel pressure from your shoe or folds in […]

Supersole and Arthritis

Often it is a case of doing things a little differently. Modern treatment of rheumatoid arthritis implies that the destruction of the joints caused by the disease in e.g. the feet is limited. Despite this, many people with rheumatoid arthritis or other types of arthritis end up with “arthritic feet”. Therefore it is very important […]

Supersole and children

Little feet A child’s feet are so fine and perfect because they are not wrapped in shoes – this until they are 10-15 months old. Then they get shoes on. This brochure will inform you about the most important matters concerning your child’s feet. Children’s feet grow Children’s feet grow a lot. Especially those of […]

The Supersole concept

Back pain may start at your feet! 

Many different patient groups use insoles made by e.g. chiropodists, orthotists, orthopedic shoemakers and physiotherapists. The question is: who makes the best insoles? Or maybe rather: 
what is the difference? With the SuperSole concept, we have taken side and chosen the physiotherapists. The SuperSole concept is a treatment […]

Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor

Right Sequence A correct cinematic sequence meaning right movement of the pelvis- upper body – arms and club are absolutely a must for the optimal result. Motion and power patterns is very much like a four-stage rocket, were the power of every stage in the sequence is carried over too the following. If you are in […]